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David H. Freers has been a professional photographer for over 24 years. He studied photography at the University of Michigan, but it was the 7 years after college that truly shaped his career path. Working in the real world with established automotive photographers was the second and most valuable part of his education. Getting hands on experience as an assistant with established automotive photographers such as Ron Strong and Jim Secreto was the best career prep anyone could ask for. It was these years as an assistant that created the passion for automotive photography. Armed with a bachelor of fine arts degree in photography and 7 years of real world photographic experience David set out on his own career. While working out of his first studio David got several great referrals, his studio partner Ken Hanna suggested that he get in touch with Motor Trend Magazine, as he knew they were in need of a Detroit based photographer. Motor Trend has been a great client since his first assignment with them in June of 1995. His work with Motor Trend lead to other great opportunities such as, Motor Trend Classic, Truck Trend and Hot Rod Magazine. The next big break was with Ford Motor Company. David's father Howard Freers was an engineer with Ford Motor Company for 33 years. Howard's referral got him in the door and he turned that break into a great client. Starting at the very bottom for Ford Photographic David did some assisting work and shot portraits for company ID badges. It was not long before Ford Photographic would give David full automotive assignments, and like Motor Trend, Ford Motor Company has been a great and loyal client for 16 years. The bottom line is hard work and effort do pay off. This is what David Freers will promise to each client, hard work and the drive to produce the best possible image in every assignment. David's experience and personalized attention combine to meet and usually exceed every client's expectations.

In David's own words:
In 24 years of shooting as David Freers Photography, LLC. there have been so many great moments, opportunities and travel adventures that I feel truly blessed to have a job that I love to do. I have traveled all over the United States shooting jobs from Los Angeles to Miami and San Antonio to the upper peninsula of Michigan. International travel has allowed me to photograph jobs as far away as Japan. The part I like the best is each job is a fresh start. I am not doing the same job over and over, each one is new and exciting. Each time I get an assignment it comes with new opportunities. It's my job to get the best possible images while managing the time, budget, location and logistical challenges. The photography is usually the easy part, its managing all the other challenges that get the job done right and on time. Did I say easy? Well if laying on the ground with a Porsche 911 sliding right at you in a four wheel drift is easy, or shooting car to car doing 85 miles an hour with a vehicle so close behind you that you actually reach out and touch the bumper is easy, or shooting from a helicopter 100 feet in the air looking straight down while standing on the landing gear is easy...... well you get the picture.